Dear Clients,
As a new year is approaching firstly wishing you all a Prosperous year to come.

Amidst the happy cheers, we will introduce protective system software that will help you to protect and guard your system in a better and simpler way. As Window XP is coming to end of life situation on 8th April and this may still create a lot of security concerns for enterprise everywhere, including HK. Being aware of this , client should be eager to protect their systems and database against such hazards. Current news about hacking into database, losing data control have been astonishing to all and in order to protect our valuable "assets" in terms by minimal cost .


2013/07 - Due to increment of production cost, EPSON has to increase the price for almost most of their product.


2011/10 - Pillar stand for mounting :

To enable quick solutions to kiosk applications. Data Asia has developed its own stand for pairing with our own products. The kiosk stand will allow for mounting different sizes of touch computers and monitors. More over, additional peripherals likes scanner and printers will be available as well.

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2011/08 - EPSON printing components upgrade:

The TT77-II printer will be replacing the old TT88 . The available interface will be either serial, parallel or USB. Each interface will be independent on each board . The ethernet interface will be offered for this new model. The basic features will remain the same either additional options like ethernet interface.

TT77U-II will be with USB interface .
TT77S-II will be with Serial interface.
TT77P-II will be with Parallelinterface.
TT77E-II will be with Ethernet interface.

2010/9 - EPSON printing components upgrade:

The M-T 532 series printing mechanism has been offered for a long time and the new series of M-T532II will be replacing the older model. New controller board will be matching with this new mechanism as well. The old model is scheduled to be obsolete by year 2012 .
New features for M-T500 II :
- higher printing speed 250 mm/second
- the board comes with 4 types of interface: serial /parallel / USB 2.0 / ethernet
- Paper jam sensor
- Back mark sensing
- Same footage
- The Controller board is smaller in size
- Power supply and on/off button is same
- Driver supports Win 7 & Vista

2009/9 - Cotai Jet - Automated ticketing machine

Cotai Jet automated ticketing machine at Venetian and Sands are now being launched . This machine will deliver tickets upon purchase by visa card or by member card. Hopefully this will alleviate the crowd who wants to purchase the tickets.

2009/4 - HKORC - Organic ID Station

HKORC is an independent organic certification agent with the devotion in increasing the awareness of farmers, consumers and the general public about the role of certification in the production and marketing of organic products, and promoting the sustainable development of organic farming in Hong Kong so as to ensure a safe and quality food supply and an ecologically balanced living environment for our future generations. The barcode label on each type of organic food item can be read through the kiosk machine to identify its source like the farm, the supplier etc. The kiosk will later be installed in different locations selling organic food to provide convenience to all users namely the public user.

Press release Organic ID Station

2008/12 - Tung Wah

Stainless steel has always been a state of art in itself as it takes more work on its finishing . This kiosk is used internally for job search and job listing. A keyboard is embedded for key in purpose.

2008/4 - Central Building - Digital Directory signboard

Central Building has renovated their traditional directory signboard with three units of 46" LCD display . This enables easy update of tenants information with neat and tidy arrangements of fonts to allow maximum usage of the display.

2007/5 - MCL - 4D Extreme Screen Cinema:

MCL launch a dual display kiosk at 4D Extreme Screen. Customer can collect their ticket after online purchase. MCL can promote their new film and event through overhead large display.

2006/6 - Judiciary Department:

Judiciary Department at Wanchai Family Court is equipped with a kiosk which enables user to print out documents after payment. This is to facilitate the readiness for useful information being printed upon request and minimize the workload of the back end staff in retrieving the material for xerox printing.

2005/12 - Hong Kong Art Museum:

Hong Kong Art Museum is showing "Hong Kong Biennial Exhibition" form Dec, 2005 to March, 2006. Since 1975, they have organized their first Hong Kong Art Biennial; it has become an establishment of the Hong Kong art scene. There is providing a platform to those numbers of known and not so-well-known artists gaining entry into each biennial exhibition and provide a full spectrum of artistic creativity and diversity in Hong Kong. The information kiosk with touch-enable display is location at entrance of three different galleries. The friendly-user device will help to enhance easy navigation of the information.

2005/12 - IVE -Digital Signage System:

Vocational Training Council of Chai Wan is the first of its group to deploy a broadcasting system through digital signage, namely plasma display. The system intended to keep the students both full time and part time well informed of all the events which are happening in the school. Through a central server, the image either in video format, power point and streaming Format can be dispersed to different locations within campus. They have installed 3 units of Plasma which are located at very eye catching are like podium, canteen where crowds gather. The image can also be split into segments showing different information like weather, school event.